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Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, let iButterfly add colors to your surroundings! Spot “Butterflies” dancing through your phone’s camera. With just a flick, you can capture a “Butterfly” and let it bring you attractive and exclusive offers!

Catch “Butterfly”
Depending on the location and time, the types of “Butterfly” vary. Not only can you see “Butterflies” dancing on the street, turn your phone into a butterfly net and catch them!

iButterfly will periodically introduce different “Butterfly” series, users can look them up on the map or stay tuned for our latest updates. Collect the exquisitely designed series for unexpected surprises.

Offers and Entertainments
Unveil fun-filled surprises in some of the “Butterfly” series that come with a selection of tempting content like wallpapers, shopping vouchers, discount coupons and more.