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Usually, a product launch involves the press asking questions, taking pictures, having lunch and leaving. There is no deeper engagement to gratify or entertain the press who can be a strong influencer for the brand.


Honda was launching its new range of scooters named Activa i and had called the Press to cover the event. They needed an interesting activity at the event to engage with the audience post the launch.


The tag line for Activa i- Honda’s latest and lightest scooter “Ready to Fly” seemed like the perfect fit for Dentsu’s iButterfly augmented reality mobile application.


Mobile marketing technology is at its best when it is the most charming, and most human. The Dentsu proprietary iButterfly mobile application is all that and more as the invitees at the Honda Activa i launch discovered to their delight.

On 10thJune, two days before the launch, an emailer was sent to the participants of the media event asking them to download the iButterfly India app and a teaser butterfly “Ready to Fly?” was released to mark the countdown to the main event.

On June 12th, the day of the launch, hundreds of butterflies filled the venue where the invitees were asked to ‘catch’ them viathe iButterfly app on theirsmart phones acting as as a virtual nets. At a pre-determined hour, 3 types of gratification butterflies that were limited in number were released for a set duration. The invitees could trade the butterflies in for exciting Honda goodies. As most of the butterflies were caught many in the audience walked away as happy winners.

At the end of the activity, 3 product butterflies were released throughout Delhi/NCR that gave users details of the Activa i’s amazing features like the advanced combi brake system, affordable price and great mileage.

Results :